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Quick Update

Dreamwidth was supposed to crosspost this, but it didn't, so I'll just cut and paste and figure it out, later:

I keep promising myself that I'm going to post here, and then keep forgetting. Problem is, I always remember during the walk to work in the morning, so how the hell is that going to help, right?

My life has been busy busy busy, lately. Last November, as many of you will recall, I made my second attempt at NaNoWriMo, and won. hooray, and all that. More importantly, I made even more friends as an even stronger core group formed out of it all. We have been meeting once a week at a local coffeeshop ever since. Most Saturdays, we meet at Crane Coffee - where the coffee sucks but the smoothies rule. Third Saturday of every month, we meet at Borders. Their new manager started out being a bit of a sexist pig to our leader, but he's getting better.

Sundays, I've been doing D&D with a bunch of the same people. Myself and one of the other players (Chris) switch off the DM's duties every other week, and the one not DM'ing that week does the cooking, usually. I've been using my Crock Pot a lot more, these days, but they love the food. (or they're just not complaining.)

So I now have a regular social schedule. It's really weird, frankly. I'm not used to it. My weekends are gloriously full. It actually stressed me out for a bit at first. My Social Anxiety freaked out something awful, but I managed to get it (mostly) under control. The constant creative challenge of keeping up with the game - coming up with new adventures and improvising as the game runs - has been keeping me on my toes, but it's been worth it.

Right now, I've got maybe an hour to get my shit together for today's game. I'm woefully unprepared, but I have discovered that I do well at improvising, thankfully. I'll have to catch up more tonight.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll catch up more, later.


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Apr. 26th, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
Awesome to hear from you here! I'm glad you're having fun!
I hope I can catch you on AIM at some point.
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