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Another Submission

Okay, so I've written and submitted another story.  :)

Crossed Genres, the same online magazine that published my story, this month, is doing their Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest.  They announced it on June 1st, and the deadline for entries is June 15th.  Not much time.  And, to make things really tough, the upper word limit is 500.  Not easy.

I was up for half the night on Wednesday, trying to think of a good idea for this, but couldn't think of a single thing that stuck in my head.  I gave up and went to bed just after Midnight.  So of course, I woke up an hour later with the perfect idea in my head.  Figures.  I knew if I went back to sleep I'd forget it in the morning, so I got up and worked on it for two hours.  Wound up being really tired all the next day at work.

But, the upshot is that it turned out to be a great story.  I finally got it paired down to 470 words and sent it off tonight.  The ten finalists (which will be voted on by the readers) will be announced June 23rd.

Crossing my fingers, and all that.

And no, I can't post the story here.  That would count as publishing it, and would disqualify me.  :P

My point...  I'm writing!  :)