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Timothy T. Murphy

Being the Journal of a Fiction Writer

22 March 1966
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Born in Northwestern Iowa, I've moved an average of once every two years since I turned eighteen. I've lived in Denver, England, Albuquerque, upstate New York state, and eastern Iowa. I spent the longest time in Iowa City, in eastern Iowa. That's also the place where I met my ex-wife. I'm now living in Omaha, Nebraska, where I work as a telephone customer service agent to pay the bills and am working diligently on my fiction career.

I write mostly flash fiction, three examples of which have been published at 365 Tomorrows. My first professional sale will be published in issue #19 of Crossed Genres Magazine. I'm creating this journal to display examples of my work, to gather and monitor writers' communities, and to blog about the writer's life, in general.

Oh, and I also draw. Badly, but I do draw. Don't be shocked if you see a few (heartbreaking) examples of my art, here, as well.